What is a WHO collaborating centre?
A WHO collaborating centre is a national institution designated by the Director-General of the World Health Organization to form part of an international collaborative network carrying out activities in support of WHO’s mandate for international health work and its programme priorities.

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Contact information
Name of centre:
The Danish Nurses’ Organization (DNO)

Sankt Annae Plads 30
P. O. Box 1084
1008 Copenhagen K

Contact details:
Tel: +45 33 15 15 55
Fax: +45 33 15 24 55

Original terms of reference of the centre:
Twinning with Lithuania
supporting research and dissemination of information to develop the knowledge and evidence base for practice in nursing

Twinning with Kyrgyzstan
assisting the Nursing Association of Kyrgyzstan in realizing the Munich Declaration

To participate in the work of WHO's collaborating centre network for nurses according to Constitution and by-laws for WHO collaborating centres, and carry out specific ad hoc tasks for WHO in line with usual collaborative practice

DNO was designated as WHO Collaborating Centre for Nursing in June 2002.

Twinning with Lithuania
Supporting research and dissemination of information to develop the knowledge and evidence base for practice in nursing by offering a workshop for Lithuanian nurses for clarification of needs and initiation of a working group for preparation of a common national strategy for nursing research in Lithuania.

The aim of the project is to implement nursing research in Lithuania.
The target group is nurses wishing advanced education at master, PhD, or Doctor level.

Cooperation partners are the universities of Vilnius and Kaunas, LSSO (the Lithuanian Nurses’ Organization) and the Chief Nursing Officer in the Lithuanian Ministry of Health.

2004: visit the cooperation partners in Vilnius and Kaunas in order to prepare a 3-days workshop in Vilnius in 2004. At the workshop relevant problems are identified, and on this basis a draft strategy for nursing research in Lithuania will be elaborated.

2005: Planning of the implementation of the strategy

2006: Accomplishment of the strategy

2007: Planning of a conference in Vilnius in order to show the results of the implementation

Twinning with Kyrgyzstan
Assisting the Nursing Association of Kyrgyzstan in realizing the Munich Declaration.

Current information about the situation in the country does not encourage initiation of scientific nursing projects in the country at present. However, DNO will follow the political development closely with a view to assist our colleagues in Kyrgyzstan. And, DNO will reconsider the situation, if representatives from Kyrgyzstan find the tools useful for application in their own country as basis of development of a strategy for the realization of the Munich Declaration.

DNO also participates in WHO CC activities and supports financially participation from CEEC and NIS countries in many European and international meetings and conferences.


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